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>>>1 in 6 Americans is food insecure.


>>>13.1% of Pennsylvanians, or 1, 674, 420 people are food insecure.

>>>The Community Food Warehouse serves over 4, 200 families in Mercer County. In 2014 we distributed over 1.33 million pounds of food-which was a 27% increase over 2013!


>>>12.8% or 14, 760 Mercer County residents are food insecure.


>>>19.5% of the county's children suffer from food insecurity.


>>>31% of all CFWMC clients are children.


>>>Our Backpack Program provides weekend meals to over 940 children in 10 school districts.


>>>In 2013, 17% of all CFWMC clients were senior citizens.

>>>Our Senior Food Box Program (CSFP) supplies over 400 seniors with monthly food boxes.

Map the Meal Gap


Click the map to learn more about hunger here in Mercer County


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