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1,200 boxes, containing 86,459 pounds of food and non-food items, were distributed through the MilitaryShare Program in 2021.

MilitaryShare provides private food distributions throughout the county at specially designated sites for veterans, active duty, and inactive military personnel and their families who are struggling to make ends meet. We will host 9 distributions in 2022. Participants receive shelf-stable items, froze meats, dairy products and fresh produce.


MilitaryShare is funded by a grant from the Veteran's Trust Administration as well as donations from you, which help to subsidize the Food Bank’s food and transportation expenses.  To learn how you or your organization can get involved with a MilitaryShare distribution in your community, please contact us at (724) 981-0353.


Click here to donate to MilitaryShare.


Feeding America, in collaboration with Feeding San Diego, was featured on the TODAY Show to highlight the importance of feeding military families. We at the CFWMC have created the MilitaryShare Program to fulfill this local need.

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