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Over 50 volunteers donated over 750 hours of their time in 2021, to pack and deliver over 4,508 boxes to senior citizens for the CSFP (Senior Food Box) Program.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program or Senior Food Box Program is a federal food program, designed to improve the health of senior citizens. Food for the program is provided by the USDA’s Agency of Food and Nutrition Service.


Seniors, age 60 or over, who meet the income requirements below, may be eligible to receive a box.

Family Size




                   1                                 $17,667                       $1,473                              $340

                   2                                 $23,803                        $1,984                              $458

                   3                                 $29,939                        $2,495                              $576

                   4                                 $36,075                        $3,007                              $694

                   5                                 $42,211                        $3,518                              $812

                   6                                 $48,347                         $4,029                             $930

                   7                                 $54,483                         $4,541                             $1,048

                    8                                 $60,619                         $5,052                             $1,166

For each add'l household member




Currently, the CFWMC's CSFP Program serves over 400 seniors in 27 different sites across Mercer County. The sites consist of Income Assisted High Rises for seniors, the Warehouse itself, and many of the food pantries who are member agencies of the CFW. In fact, the Senior Food Box program alleviates some of the financial burden on these pantries. By using the Senior Food Box program to feed their senior clients,  pantries can then use the money saved to feed more of the needy in the community.


Senior Food Box clients who live in their own homes can come directly to the Community Food Warehouse to pick up their food. Once a month a kind of “drive thru” is set up, making it easy for seniors to simply sign for their food box and drive away with the food in their car.


An army of volunteers makes the CSFP program function! From packing to distribution, volunteers make it possible to provide nutritious food to seniors in need in Mercer County. If you or someone you know has a question about CSFP or are interested in volunteering your time to help out with this program, please contact CSFP Coordinator, Terry Evans, at: or at 724-981-0353.

The CSFP is an equal opportunity provider.

Please click here to read the USDA Non-Discrimination

statement in English. Click here for the Spanish translation.

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