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35th Anniversary


Every dollar donated helps us to feed those in need, right in our community.


In lieu of holding a banquet, we are asking you to please consider donating to the CFWMC in honor of our 35th anniversary.


Click the button below to be re-directed to our donation page. Read on to find out what your donation can do to help those who need it most.


Your $35 donation will provide 122* meals to people in need


Your $350 donation will provide 1,225 meals* to people in need.


Your $3,500 donation will provide 12,225 meals* to people in need. 

*Calculation is based on a well-rounded meal which includes a protein, vegetable, fruit, and carbohydrates. The CFWMC serves over 7,000 people in need each month, through our member agencies.

1. The Community Food Warehouse began operations in October 1983, in the basement of the Sharon Herald.


2. We distributed 34,000 pounds of food during our first few months. 


3. In 2017, the CFWMC distributed over 1.3 million pounds of food to those in need.


4. In 2010, we moved into our current location on Sharpsville Ave., thanks to the Greenwood Group and the generosity of those who donated to our capital campaign.


5. We have distributed a cumulative total of over 30 million pounds of food in our 35 years.


6. The CFWMC is the only food bank in Mercer County. Food banks warehouse food and other non-food items. Food pantries distribute directly to those in need. 


7. Because we are a member of Feeding America, the nation's network of food banks, we are able to purchase food in bulk and leverage our money much further than a small pantry could on its own.


8. There are over 200 Feeding America food banks across the nation.


9. In 2011, Feeding America ranked the CFWMC in the top 20 in the nation for inventory turnover and exceeding the organizations required minimum service to clients by 99%!


10. Our staff consists of 6 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee, making us one of the smallest members of the FA network. 


11. We are a founding member of Feeding Pennsylvania a member of Hunger-Free PA. Both are state associations which advocate for the hungry and food insecure. 


12. The CFWMC has 34 member agencies, which distribute directly to those in need. They are made up of not only food pantries, but also: abuse and homeless shelters, afterschool programs for children, mental health treatment centers, soup kitchens, and youth centers. 


13. Through these agencies, we serve over 7,000 people across Mercer County, each month.


14. Thursday is pick-up day at the CFWMC. Our agencies place orders for the week on Monday and schedule their pick-up for Thursday. Some agencies pick up every week, while others may only come once a month.


15. The CFWMC is the primary source of supplemental food assistance in Mercer County.


16. We, along with our agencies, rely heavily on volunteers. Some of our agencies are entirely run by unpaid, volunteer staff. Last year, volunteers contributed 5,510 hours right here at the CFWMC, which is the equivalent of over $131,000 in paid time.


17. Our volunteers do a variety of things- some sort donated food from food drives, some help set up events, some pack boxes for various programs, and some do office-related tasks like answering the phone, filing, and opening mail.


18. 13 % of Mercer County residents are food-insecure. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the definition of food insecurity is a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. This means that there are 14,880 people in Mercer County who often don't have enough to eat, don't have enough healthy food to eat, and who may often not have anything to eat. For more information on how food insecurity affects your neighbors, follow this link. 


19. 19.5% of Mercer County's children are food insecure and 31% of all of our clients are children.


20. Our BackPack Program for children provides weekend meals to 900 elementary-aged children in 18 schools, in 9 school districts, during the school year. The average cost of $225 per child provides them with weekend meals for the entire school year (roughly 40 weeks) and is completely funded by your (the community's) donations! Each bag of food contains 2 milks, 2 juices, 2 cereals, 2 entrees, 2 fruits, and 3 snacks! Read more.


21. Four of the nine schools pack here at the CFWMC, on Tuesday nights throughout the school year, while the others pack offsite.


22. 17% of CFWMC clients are senior citizens.


23. 384 senior citizens are part of the CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program), also known as the Senior Food Box Program.`


24. Seniors receive their food once a month at 24 sites throughout Mercer County. The boxes are packed and delivered by our volunteers. Read more.


25. SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) is very important to many Mercer County residents. 58% of our residents live below the SNAP eligibility threshold. An additional 5% live in the gap just above that, making them qualified for food assistance through our pantries.


26. We are working hard to provide more fresh produce to our clients- our produce program, Harvest Helpings, provided over 130,000 pounds of fresh produce to those in need, in 2017.


27. 41% (548,345 lbs.) of the food we provided to clients in 2017 was purchased using financial gifts from our spring campaign, our holiday campaign, our Annual Race to End Hunger, Empty Bowls and other donations from individuals, social organizations, and local companies. 34% (446,655 lbs.) of the food came directly from our store donation program,  Feeding America, and food drives. 25% (340,609 lbs.) of the food we distributed in 2017 came from government funding!



28. We pick up perishable items at restaurants and grocery stores weekly, through our store donation program. Grocery stores like Walmart, Giant Eagle, and Aldi are part of this program, as are many local restaurants. 


29. We have received over $450,000 in grants from Walmart Foundation in the past few years.


30. Many local organizations, schools, businesses, and clubs hold regular food drives for us. One of the largest food drives we receive each year is the annual Letter Carriers' Food Drive. 2018's drive brought our agencies over 18,000 lbs of food! 


31. We received 44,036 lbs of food through food drives in 2017.


32. Our MilitaryShare Program serves roughly 90 individuals; we distribute the food at private locations, every other month. Any current service member or veteran in need, of any branch, can participate.


33.  Our Executive Director, Lori Weston, started at the CFWMC 33 years ago as the secretary to the first Executive Director, Michael Wright.


34. Our charitable milk program began in 2016 with one participating member agency. We've now expanded it to 13 member agencies, who distribute over 1,200 half gallons of milk to those in need each month.



35. The CFWMC holds a "Farm Day in Town Field Trip" each year for first-graders from all over Mercer County. The CFWMC covers all costs for the attending schools, in large part thanks to a grant from Red Nose Day. The goal of this event is to provide agricultural education to young children who otherwise might never have the opportunity to learn where their food comes from and in tandem, learn healthy food choices.

35 Facts

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