Who We Are

  The Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County (CFW), a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization and member of Feeding America, the nation’s network of food banks, is the primary source of emergency food assistance in Mercer County. Learn more.

Celebrating 31 Years of Serving Mercer County!!

What We Do

       The mission of the Community Food Warehouse is to provide low cost and nutritional food products in continuing and sufficient volume to its member agencies who are addressing food insecurity issues that affect the unemployed, underemployed, and needy throughout Mercer County. The Warehouse does not supply food directly to clients, but solicits local grocers, retailers, and food manufacturers for affordable/low cost food products and warehouses them for its member agencies. With the Warehouse being the conduit, these agencies can receive some foods at no cost, some at from $.10 - $.17/lb, and some at 30% off wholesale cost. For every dollar donated the CFWMC can distribute 9 lbs. of food, 7 meals or $15 worth of grocery items. CFWMC addresses all aspects of hunger in our community – senior, child, teen and adult.

Current/Upcoming Events

November 1- December 31
Each One, Feed One Direct Mail
Campaign and Food Drive at
the Shenango Valley Mall

Year Round-Charity Miles

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